summers on the way by Annie McKinnon


this week was very exciting and full of new challenges to overcome. the studio plants got thirsty because the temperatures upstairs got up to 38degrees. we saved them, thanks to lovely alyx dennison. early tomorrow morning we are getting a second a/c for upstairs which will make life better for the team now that we are coming into summer. we experimented with flying a drone through the space, you’ll see footage very shortly. annie, our director, spent some time at UTS working on software for a new physical rehabilitation device developed by phd candidate michelle pickrell and co. illustrations we developed for brown cab productions were included in a documentary that will drop very soon. we’ll keep you updated about the launch of that. we added a handful of drawings to our instagram and launched an about turn facebook page so we can keep in touch with the world of social media. next up, on monday we are headed to coonabarabran to install new interactive buttons in a display at the warrumbungles national park visitors centre. we’ll take photos for you. november will also include a visit to lost in books to finish two custom, flat-packable, bookshelves that we’ve developed for the store. the highlight this month so far has been our first studio party. see pic.